Tom is a student at the Bailey School. This is his diary.

25 Monday

‘Everything is changing. Last week, there were no dosses in the mornings. 9(ow we have frendi dosses every morning ani dance twice a week, ‘Jijght now we’re studying ‘Endgame, a pCay By Samuel ‘Beckett- It’s very Soring

26 Tuesday

This evening my friends and f Were at the coffee bar and I met Anna • a beautiful American nurse. She’s staying at the Mayfair ‘Motet, just opposite the ‘Bailey School’.


27 Wednesday

I don’t enjoy Being with Jackie. She likes TV. I don’t. Â(pt every night! I was at the folk. club this evening • very good. I’m reading a fantastic Book, about India called ‘The Jewel in the Crown By TaulScolt. I want to see Anna again’.

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