When Herbert Girardet and John Seymour decided to write Blueprint for a Green Planet, they directed their advice at people, not at governments. This is what they wrote: It is our belief that the planet will only be saved by people acting as  responsible individuals.

We believe that people are good. If they are shown that their actions are damaging the environment, they will try to be careful.

Unfortunately, many people believe that saving the planet should be left to governments. Yet, governments are only in power for five years  and then must put themselves up for re-election.

What, then, can we all do? Here are five rules by which we might all live, part of Blueprint for a Green Planet:

1. Be aware and responsible. Don’t just believe what is ‘on the label’ – that was written by somebody trying to sell the stuff! Demand to  know how we get things that we use and what effect this has on Nature or our planet.

2. Be moderate. Moderate your demands on the planet. Walk instead of driving. Walking will do you good. It will save fossil fuels, and avoid pollution.

3. Keep things local. Avoid buying products which have been brought from far away. Transport is one of the great polluters.

4. Keep things simple. We do not need the vast complexity of most modern devices. Consider what you really need and be content with that.

5. Try to live less violently. The most savage violence is chemical violence. The soil, our crops and our animals are all being subjected to constant contact with poisonous chemicals. We can do without many of them .

Pressure groups, such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, are  splendid, but they can only exist as a result of the action taken by you and me. We are all there is and we must stop the assault on the life of our planet somehow. We are not apart from Nature, we are part of Nature.


A. What do the following refer to?
1. ‘they* (line 3):
2. ‘their’ (line 6):
3. ‘If (line 18):
4. ‘them* (line 28):
B. Mark the statements as True (T) or False (F).

1. Girardet and Seymour wrote their book for governments, not for individual people .

2. Most people don’t realize that they are damaging the planet.

3. The authors tell us to believe the labels on the things we use.

4. The authors are against the complexity,of modern devices.

5. The authors believe we don’t use enough chemicals in our food production.

6. According to the authors, the future of the planet is everyone’s responsibility.

1. According to the authors, what are the two causes of pollution?
b) 2. Write the names of two ecological pressure groups. a) b)

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