Americans these days are very concerned with the economy. It seems more people are having to learn to spend less and to spend wisely due to the hard times we are experiencing. However, people’s attitudes towards money differ.

 The misers accumulate money in banks if their income is large, or in the house stuffed in mattresses or under the living room rug if they are low income people. They seem almost obsessed with the idea of saving. The misers deprive themselves of many things and most live miserably in order to hoard their wealth. My 90-year-old neighbor,  having gained the sympathy of the neighbors, often collected groceries and money from them. She dressed shabbily and lived in a deteriorated house. After her death, it was discovered that this old woman had left thousands of dollars to the church and other organizations. She left nothing to her family.

Attitudes Towards Money


The spenders are people who cannot seem to hold on to their money. They have a tendency to spend too much on too many unnecessary things. They are often too generous, buying elaborate gifts for friends and family. Credit cards in some spenders’ hands are often dangerous weapons. They become addicted to using them only  to regret it later when the bills come in and they are unable to pay. Other spenders like to gamble and this can also be destructive if it turns into a vice.

Many spenders do not necessarily throw their money away but give it to charities for good causes, simply because they enjoy giving. My Uncle Mario is a big spender. He makes over $25,000 a year, but he never has any money in his savings account because he spends his entire paycheck each week on necessities and luxuries. Last week he spent $500 on a new moped, not because he needed one, but because he thought it would be fun to own one. As a result of his spending, every year in April he has to borrow money to pay his taxes because he has spent it all.

Attitudes towards credit
Attitudes towards money

A. Mark the best choice.

1. A ‘deteriorated house’ (line 12) .

a) contains many unnecessary things

b) is decorated badly

c) is in a bad condition

d) is a place where old people live

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