Bali is a beautiful island of mountains, forests and rice fields. It is also an island of artists. Almost everybody there is an artist of some kind. The people work all day at home, in the fields or in their boats, but in the evenings they make music, dance, paint or carve things out of  wood and stone.

There are thousands of temples in Bali, and there are festivals at these temples when people die, or get married, or when a child is born.
Until the 1950’s the Balinese people did not worry about the outside world. For them Bali was the whole world. But in the 1950’s tourists began to visit Bali, and since then tourism has become big business
there. So the people have begun to sell their art to tourists.

These days the Balinese produce more and more things for tourists; they make fewer things for their temples. They have less time for their gods, so there are fewer festivals.

Every year more tourists bring more money to the island. They also
bring new ideas and a new way of life. The Balinese need money, and
they need new ideas.

Nowadays too many people live on the island, and they need to buy food and other things from abroad. The Balinese know that if fewer tourists come to the island, there will be less money,  too. But they also know that if there are too many tourists, ûıc Balinese
way of life will change too quickly.

So the authorities are trying to organise and control tourism very carefully. Bali should change; but
they want to make sure that it changes for the better, not for the worse.





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