A bookworm is one of those people who cannot stop reading. They always have their nose in a book and read for pleasure. They can walk along a street with a book in front of them and not notice the world go by. When they go to bed, their lights stay on for ages because they cannot go to sleep until they have finished their latest novel or biography.

They have books with them and around them wherever they go. Quite simply, they just love reading. There used to be a lot of them, but now they are a dying breed.

Television, video and the wide range of social and recreational opportunities which are now available have taken the place of books in many homes. School children and students still have to read but they usually read because they have to, rather than because they enjoy it.

Once they have left school or college, many feel that they never want to open a book again, and according to a recent survey, many do not. In Australia, 80% of university graduates never read another book from the beginning to the end. In England, 44% of the population say that they never buy a book and a further 1% buy only one book a year.


Mark the best choice.

1. Bookworms are people who .

a) are interested in the things that are happening around them when they are reading

b) keep their books only in one place in their house

c) can stay awake for a long time to finish the book they’re reading d) enjoy reading and whose number is increasing
2. Which of the following is not true?

a) Most students read because they have to.

b) The wide range of social and recreational activities have had a negative effect on reading.

c) Students don’t usually read for pleasure. d) Television and video are replacing books so nobody reads any more.
3. Statistics show us that .

a) in Britain, 44% of the population don’t read anything at all

b) in Australia, 80% of the university graduates don’t read a book till the end

c) in Australia, only 20% of the population finish reading a whole book d) in Britain, 99% of the population don’t even buy a book

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