Buddy Holly was born in the small town of Lubbock, in the state of Texas, on 7’h September, 1936. His name then was Charles Hardin Holly, not ‘Buddy Holly’. In his short life, he became one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll musicians of the 1950s.

In January 1959; Buddy Holly began a concert tour with some other musicians. They were on tour for nearly a month, going from one place to another every day. On 2nd February, they were in Iowa, in the central United States, and they were very tired. That night, after the concert, Buddy made a suggestion. “Let’s go to our next concert by plane tonight.”

The other musicians liked Buddy’s idea. They immediately said “yes”. The same night at 1 a.m., Buddy and his two friends were on the plane. They were on their way to Minnesota for their next concert. It was a cold and windy night. It was snowing too.

BUDDY HOLLY pictures
Buddy Holly

Then, something bad happened. People saw the lights of the small plane come slowly down and down. Suddenly, they disappeared. Maybe it was the pilot’s mistake, or maybe there was a technical problem, but no one found out the reason for the accident.

Buddy Holly, one of the great American rock stars, and his two friends died tragically in the accident. He was only 23 years old.



A. Mark the following statements True (T) or False (F).
T F 1. Buddy Holly wasn’t famous when he died.
T F 2. Buddy Holly and his friends gave their last concert in Minnesota.
T F 3. The reason for the accident is not clear.
T F 4. Buddy Holly and his friends died in a plane crash.
B. Answer the following questions.
1. \Vhat was the real name of Buddy Holly?
2. Why did Buddy Holly and his friends want to go to Minnesota by plane?
3. \Vhat was the weather like on the night of 2nd February?

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