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Gandhi Indian Restaurant


A Unique Experience in Indian Cuisine Opening night at the Gandhi Restaurant brought cries of praise and delight from customers when they tasted different samples of the unique cuisine on Monday night. Officially opened by County Councillor, Mr. Tony Peaston, the Candhi offers the discerning diner authentic Indian dishes, many available for the first time in Hampshire. The secret lies in the preparation – only authentic Indian herbs and spices are used to individually prepare each special dish, following ancient recipes, many handed down through generations of Indian chefs.

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Dry Food

DRY FOOD – Dried Food
Food contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and these are vital to life. Food must be fresh when we eat it. If it is bad, it can make us ill. There are two main agents which turn food bad; fungi (such as yeast and various moulds) and bacteria. These are micro-organisms which cannot make their own food. So they live and grow on our food.

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Burger to go – Hold the Plastic

Polystyrene foam is one of the great success stories of modern industry. Light, shock-resistant, insulating and cheap to make, it shows up everywhere: in disposable coffee cups, in boxes that hold fast-food hamburgers, as packing ‘peanuts’ for safe shipping. But the stuff has a serious downside as well. Polystyrene is bulky, taking up space in landfills; as a plastic, it takes decades to decompose; its manufacture causes the release of hazardous chemicals; and the market for recycling it is hopelessly limited.

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The Cyclamate Controversy

At the center of the cyclamate discussion is Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, a Food and Drug Administration research scientist for many years who, since 1966, has been testing cyclamate on chicken embryos. Of a total of 4,000 embryos injected, 15% have shown deformities: feet attached directly to the hip, toes fused together, ‘flipper’ legs, malformed spines and missing pelvises.

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Distribution of Nutrients in Plants

It is generally believed by scientists that millions of years ago plant life originated in the water, and that new forms of plant life that could live on land developed gradually. This would not have been possible if an effective transport system had not evolved inside the plant to  distribute food, water, and minerals.

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Vitamins and Scurvy

In the early days of sea travel, seamen on long voyages lived exclusively on salted meat and biscuits. Many of them died of scurvy, a disease of the blood which harms the teeth and causes white spots on the skin and general exhaustion. On one occasion, in 1535, an English ship arrived in Newfoundland with its sailors desperately ill.

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Consumer Pressure

Consumer pressure is one of the natural phases of an advanced industrial society. As a society reaches a certain stage in development, concern over consumer issues makes itself felt. The United States led the way, other countries gradually followed suit. The Consumers’ Union of the United States was founded in the 1920’s; Ralph Nader began to make himself known as the American consumer spokesman in the 1960s when he attacked the American car industry in his book Unsafe at any Speed.

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