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Marketing, which is sometimes called distribution, includes all the business activities connected with the movement of goods and services from producers to consumers. Marketing consists of both physical activities such as transporting, storing and selling goods, and a series of decisions related to any part of the process of moving goods from the producer to the consumer.

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Advertising 1 – 2

As a marketing term, ‘promotion’ is a company’s efforts to influence customers to buy. A company may have a fine product or service to offer and it may be priced correctly, but these won’t mean much unless it reaches its target market. Promotion, which aims to  reach the customers in that market and persuade them to buy, includes the elements of giving information and influencing customer behaviour. In other words, it includes all selling activities.

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Advertising is about creating images, and this is especially true when advertising food and drink. What the food looks like is more important than what it tastes like. To sell food successfully, it must look appetizing. Milk must look cold, bread must look freshly-baked, fruit must look juicy. Television advertising of food often uses movement: Advertisement . . .

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