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The hotel and hotel works and workers
Hotel Workers


Within a few days of starting work, I had grasped the main principles on which the hotel was run. The thing that would astonish anyone coming for the first time into the service quarters of a hotel would be the fearful noise and disorder during the rush hours.

It is something so different from the steady work in a shop or a-factory that it looks at first sight like mere mad management. But it is really quite unavoidable and part of the whole.

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What about flea markets?
The flea market, Old Jaffa (Tel Aviv), Israel.


On any weekend at sunrise, while most of the country still sleeps, vans, pickup trucks, campers, and cars crammed with every conceivable item gather in empty parking lots and fairgrounds across the U.S. By noon, the scene overflows with thousands of people who have come to bargain and look around this mad carnival called the flea market.

Tips to make a safer workplace
Safer Work Environment

Preventing Accidents
Clearly a major way to prevent accidents before they occur is for the trade union safety representative to carry out regular and effective inspections of the workplace. Recognised safety representatives have the following legal rights:

What is Travel Insurance
About Travel Insurance

On their way to southern Spain last summer, George and Jean Glover stopped outside the city of Seville for a lunch-time picnic. They left their car by the road and walked down to the cool waters of a river for a very pleasant meal. When they returned to their car, they  were horrified to discover that the back window had been forced and smashed.

How to find a better job
Job Centre Leaflet


Thousands of jobs come into our Job Centres and Employment Offices every week, but they get snapped up quickly. So, although we shall do all we can to help you, it’s important for you to do all you can to help yourself. This leaflet tells you how.

Registered for work

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An Article About "Work Matters"

Work Matters and company
Work Matters and Job Life

Debbie Mason, 24, is a stewardess with Virgin Atlantic. She told Sue Wheeler about her life on Richard Branson’s airline and what it takes to get on in this high-flying job.
Some time ago, I was working in an office when I saw a picture of  Richard Branson and read about him starting a new airline, Virgin. I sent him a letter saying I was interested in working for him. After a successful interview, I began their four-week training course.

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Automation and Workers

Automation and Employment
Automation and Jobless

Automation is causing ‘high levels of conflict’ on the shop floor not between management and trade unions, but between those who operate machines manually and those who supervise computer-operated machines – according to a report published today. The study says “this new phenomenon may be changing the nature of industrial relations”.

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Barter or credit card?

money and barter
Barter . . .

When you buy something these days, you have so many ways of paying for it. Just think of them! However, you may be surprised to learn that there have always been lots of methods of payment. In very early times, people used to exchange one thing for another – an ox or a  cow for rice or grain, for example. This system of exchange was called ‘barter’, but there were lots of problems.

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The history of skyscrapers building. . .

Skyscrapers in Chicago
Where was the first skyscraper built?

If someone asked you where the skyscraper was born, what would you answer? Most people would probably say New York City, but they would be wrong. Chicago was the birthplace of the skyscraper.