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 Mirrors have always been considered as having special powers. The superstition that breaking
a mirror is bad luck is very, very old. This belief can be observed in some form in most
cultures around the world, but, in fact, the first mirrors could not really be broken because
they were made of water. People looked at themselves in lakes, ponds and rivers because they
believed that by looking at their reflection in the water they could learn about their future. 
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Celine Dion


Celine Dion, one of the biggest international stars in pop music history, was born in Canada in 1968. She is the youngest of the 14 children in the Dion family. She began singing in her parents’ piano bar when she was just 5 years old. When she was 12, she recorded one of her first songs” Ce N’etait QU’un Reve” (‘7t Was Only a Dream”), with the help of her brother Michel and her mother. Continue Reading “Celine Dion”

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 Natalie Imbruglia was born in 1975 in a small town two hours from Sydney, Australia. She is the second daughter of a family with four girls. Her father is Italian and her mother is Australian. She took tap dancing and ballet lessons when she was a child. She danced 6 days a week, mainly after school. When she was fifteen, she went to a drama school. She became famous when she started acting in the Australian TV series Neighbours. Two years later, she got bored with it and left.

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My name is Tiku. I am an Aborigine from Alice Springs in the center of Australia. That is where many Aborigines live. We are different from the other people in Australia because we have brown skin .. We are actually the original people of Australia. The white people came here in 1788 and took our land. After that, we learned to live with them.

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The Amish are a special group of Americans: There are about 85,000 Amish people in the United States. The largest groups live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa and Illinois. The Amish people keep apart from the rest of the world. They live in their own groups; they have their own language and they don’t have any relationship with the outside world.

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