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Einstein think that the war can
Quaotes from Einstein on War


By Bertrand Russell.

Is it possible to persuade mankind to live without war? War is an ancient institution which has existed for at least six thousand years. It  has always been cruel and usually foolish, but in the past the human race managed to live with it. Modern ingenuity has changed this.

Either Man will abolish war, or war will abolish Man. For the present, it is nuclear weapons which may, before long, offer an even greater threat. If we succeed in abolishing nuclear weapons, our work will not be done.

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Women must read!
Hey woman!

Feminist organizations showed people that discrimination existed everywhere. They showed that it was difficult! for women to?eriter various professions. In 1972, for example, only 9.3% of doctors and dentists were women, only 4% of all lawyers and judges were female,  and only 13% of all medical students were women.

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No Crime
Be honest

In the past, most shoplifters agreed that the January sales offered wonderful opportunities for the hard-working thief. With the shops so crowded and the staff so busy, it did not require any extraordinary talent to steal one or two little things and escape unnoticed. It was  known, in the business, as ‘hoisting’.

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Cean Hands Operation
Operation of Clean Hands in Italy

Walter Armanini, a city councilor, was on route to his Milan office on May 19, 1992 when his car phone rang. “There are people waiting for you at the office,” said a colleague. “They won’t give their names, and they won’t go away.”

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The Interesting Traffic Policy
Singapore Traffic Policy - So interesting

Singapore possesses all the ingredients for traffic disaster. The island city-state has a large population (3 million), a limited land area (626.4, booming economic growth and one of the highest automobile densities in the world (81 per km of roadway, vs. 43 in Japan and 17 in the U.S.). In other rapidly growing Asian metropolises, like Bangkok, Taipei and Seoul, such conditions have wreaked bumper-to-bumper bedlam- in the streets.

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Sura Fatiha - Holy Quran
Holy Quran - Fatiha

Holy Quran – SURA 1. Fatiha, or the Opening Chapter

1. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

2. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;

3. Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

4. Master of the Day of Judgment.

5. Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.

6. Show us the straight way,

7. The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose [portion] is not wrath, and who go not astray.

Holy Quran Sura Fatiha
Sura Fatiha

Holy Quran –


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The Centre for Alternative Technology and world
The History of The Centre for Alternative Technology

the Centre for Alternative Technology

 High on a hill in Mid-Wales near Machynlleth, a group of idealists have shown that man can harmlessly draw energy from nature. In the past 13 years, this group, some 30 adults with their children, has  demonstrated the success of harnessing the energy of the sun, the wind and the rain to generate sufficient power for their needs.

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Village and us

Village Voice Bookshop
Village Voice and the World

From The Guardian.
The woman had been sent to the village by the Government, but she did not act like an official. She humbly asked permission to address the village elders. “I’ve come to help your children,” she said. “Or to take them away from us,” the mothers whispered, and hid their offspring.

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Have you heard of Outward Bound?

Would you likte to join Outward Bound?

‘Outward Bound’ is an educational concept, i.e. idea, that has developed over the last 35 years. Thousands of people in many  countries around the world know about it.

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Rural Migration

Rural Migration

For most of its history, the United States has measured its progress according to the growth of its cities. In the last 200 years, cities have expanded very fast and many have become centres of commercial and industrial activity, and of political, artistic and social  life.