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Make crimes and stay in Denmark Prison
Crimes and Denmark Prison

Every community in the world recognises certain activities as crimes. Because of this, each has developed its own way of dealing with crimes and has chosen a number of different punishments to match them. So, society identifies crimes, administers justice, and then imposes suitable punishments. It is surprising, however, how much the various societies of the world differ in the areas of crimes, justice and punishment. What may be crimes in one country is often perfectly acceptable in another.

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What is News
News and World

‘All the news that fits’ is the company motto displayed on the front page of The New York Times.

No form of mass media can carry every newsworthy event. The reason for this is that all are constrained by costs and availability of space and time.

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Do you need Samaritan's help?

Talk to samaritans . . .
Call Samaritans . . .

The Samaritan organisation was established in the 1950’s by Reverend Chad Varan. He decided to form this organisation to be able to help people who were thinking of committing suicide.

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The popular newspaper isn't always the quality newspaper

Popular Vs. Quality Newspaper
Newspaper to read? Or to enjoy?

Students of English as a foreign language often ask teachers which newspaper to read. They naturally suppose that reading an English Newspaper will be a good way of improving their knowledge of the language. But they are frequently disappointed.