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sweet night dresses, sweet dresses, best party dress
sweet night dresses, sweet dresses, best party dress

Sweet Dresses – Enjoy your sweet time with your partner

There are different fabrics that change the feel. The designs and the details can set a common element as a most attractive cloth. The little details can change the material totally. Stain, Chiffon or other can transform the presence through layers and glairs. The girl can serve her most vibrating look at parties or dinner with a partner. 

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Success and us
So Success?

In our culture, success in itself implies no superior virtue. A book is not necessarily a superior one because it makes the best seller lists. Most books that achieve this distinction appeal to the mass market and are generally supported by extensive publicity. While success in the business world may require a high degree of business acumen, this quality has never before been considered a personal virtue.

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Reasons for divorce
Why do couples get divorced?

The increasing divorce rate can be seen as a ‘product of conflict between the changing economic system and its social and ideological superstructure (notably the family)’. In advanced capitalist industrial societies, there is an increasing demand for cheap female wage labour.

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Growing up affects personal characteristics?
Growing up changes personality?

When we are young, the house where we live is our whole world. Everything is provided for us – food and shelter, warmth and love. We obey our parents without question, because if mummy and daddy say it, it must be right. Every experience we have is classified as good or  bad according to their reaction.

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Global Population
The Population Of the World

It is widely believed that the world’s population has exploded because of the improvements in medical science, which has naturally led to improved standards of public health. Infant mortality has been greatly reduced and the average length of life has been extended on a great scale.

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The more happy a mother is the more happy her baby is
Baby and her happy mother

Happy Mother

Are you a  happy mother? How to be a happier mother?
All research agrees on loving care as an essential ingredient in healthy child development. But there is increasing doubt that the 24hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week mother is the best way to provide it. Two recent studies have come up with the same result: 40 per cent of the mothers who stay at home with children under five are depressed.

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Love & Love & Love

Love and Sex
Love and Live

What is love? Dr. Michael R. Liebowitz, assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University, believes that falling in love is influenced by our brain chemistry. This connection is the focus of Dr. Liebowitz’s book, The Chemistry of Love. In an interview with People magazine, he discussed his neurochemical theories of romance.

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Running Away With No Reason

How to solve a problem?
Don't run away from your problems but run your problems away!

Sixteen years ago, Eileen Doyle’s husband, an engineer, kissed his four children early one morning, packed a small case and was never seen or heard of again. Eileen was astonished and was in a state of despair. They had been a happy family and, as far as she knew, there had been nothing wrong with their marriage.

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Some people can't help reading. . .

Reader at Work

A bookworm is one of those people who cannot stop reading. They always have their nose in a book and read for pleasure. They can walk along a street with a book in front of them and not notice the world go by. When they go to bed, their lights stay on for ages because they cannot go to sleep until they have finished their latest novel or biography.

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The Paradise is under the mothers' foots.

Motherhood and Paradise
To be a mother is the greatest career

Most women in Ghana (Africa) – the educated and illiterate, the urban and rural, the young and old – work to earn an income in addition to maintaining their roles as housewives and mothers. Their reputation for economic independence, self-reliance, and hard work is well-known and well-deserved.