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Hydro Electric and Tidal Power


In addition to the established energy sources such as gas, coal, oil and nuclear, there are a number of other sources that we ought to consider. Two of these are hydro-electric and tidal power. These two sources are similar in that they are both renewable. However, hydro-electric power is more widely used than tidal.

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Wind Power




(an article writen in 90’s. Look how fast the technologhy has changed since then)
In its search for alternatives to fossil-fuel energy sources, science is looking back in history at the windmill. Small windmills once were seen everywhere in rural America, but most were abandoned with the emergence of rural electrification programs in the 1930’s. Now energy shortages and rising petroleum prices have brought renewed interest in putting the wind to work.

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Young City Builders

“My children really understand solar power and geothermal energy,” says a second grade teacher in Saugus, California. “Some of them are building solar collectors and turbines for their energy course.” These young scientists are part of the City Building Educational Program, a unique curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grade that uses the process of city planning to teach basic reading, writing, and math skills.

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Future of Rail Transport

Unfortunately, England’s highest main-line railway station hangs on to life by a thread. Deserted and unmanned since it was officially closed in 1970, Dent, situated high in the hills of Yorkshire, wakes up on six summer weekends each year, when a special charter train unloads walkers, sightseers and people who simply want to catch a train from the highest station, onto its platforms. However, even this limited existence may soon be brought to an end.

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Electric Shock

Most of us fear an electric shock, yet we know little about what is safe and what is not when we handle electricity. For example, most of the time we are cautious about handling electrical devices which seem to be complicated in structure, but do not worry about turning off the  electricity with a wet hand. Maybe you don’t mind placing your radio or the hair drier on the wet surface in the bathroom.

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Crude oil

Many years ago, when most people got their water directly from wells under the ground, they were sometimes annoyed by a dark liquid which came out of the ground and contaminated the water. It smelled bad and was extremely dirty. Some people discovered that it was good for caulking boats – it prevented water from getting in through the cracks in the wood.

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One of those misunderstandings which sometimes occurs when the gasman comes to call has brought puzzlement and ultimate good fortune into the domestic lives of two Essex women. Mrs. May Bradbrook and Mrs. Brenda Kerr live in Alton Gardens, Westcliff-on  -Sea. Mrs. Bradbrook’s home is number  and the Kerr residence is number . The difficulties began when Mrs. Bradbrook decided that the time had come to purchase a new cooker.

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