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An article about hazardous waste
Hazardous Waste

Most industries produce waste products which can be difficult or dangerous to dispose of. Coal and oil fired power stations produce enormous amounts of waste. A large coal power station will send 17 million
tons of flue gas out of its chimney each year.

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City Building
Young City Builders

“My children really understand solar power and geothermal energy,” says a second grade teacher in Saugus, California. “Some of them are building solar collectors and turbines for their energy course.” These young scientists are part of the City Building Educational Program, a unique curriculum for kindergarten through twelfth grade that uses the process of city planning to teach basic reading, writing, and math skills.

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The Tornado

One of the most feared occurrences in nature is the tornado. The area most frequently the target of this violent windstorm is the Great Plains, the region extending from the Rockies to the Mississippi, and from Canada down through Texas.

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About Desert Plants
Wonderful Desert Plants

Only specialized plants can survive the climate of a desert because deserts are regions with very little rainfall. The entire yearly rainfall occurs during a few days or weeks in spring. For the remaining ten or eleven months of the year, desert plants must survive without rain.

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Recycling Waste
How to recycle waste

The amount of garbage produced each day is growing at an alarming rate. Many big cities all over the world face a crisis because they are running out of space to dump wastes. One of the solutions to this problem is recycling, that is, reusing materials.

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Pollution and Planet
Animal Life and Pollution


In this article you will find some information about pollution. Newxt days we will add some more information about pollution and we will add its link here. . .

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Save Troical Jungle Save World
Save Tropical Jungle World

The so-called ‘jungle’ of popular imagination, the tropical rain forest belt stretching around our planet at the Equator, has taken some 60 million years to evolve to its present state. It is, quite simply, the most complex, most important ecosystem on Earth.

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Bermud Triangle - Atlantic Ocean
The Bermuda Triangle - Miami and Poerto Rico


(Please click if you want to read THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE 1)
The Bermuda Triangle, which is sometimes called ‘The Graveyard of the Atlantic’, is one of the greatest mysteries of the world. This is an area of the western Atlantic between Bermuda and Florida, almost triangular in shape, where at least a hundred ships and planes and over a thousand people have disappeared since 1945.

No wreckage has ever been discovered in the area; that is, no bodies, life boats, or any other evidence of disaster have been found. It is as if these planes, ships and people had never existed. In some cases, a normal radio message was sent from the airplane reporting that everything was fine. Then, a few  minutes later, the radio seemed to break down.

Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle


In others, a weak S.O.S. message was received but the airplane disappeared before ships or other airplanes could be sent to help. Sometimes in perfect weather, there were strange references to fog and loss of direction. In the extraordinary case of five U.S. navy planes which disappeared on a  regular flight from Florida, the rescue plane sent to find them also disappeared.

A strange white light is a characteristic of the sea in this area. It is interesting to know that not only was this light observed by the astronauts on their way to space, but it was also seen by Columbus over four hundred years ago. It is not yet known if this light has any  connection with the strange disappearances.

Many theories have been suggested to explain all these mysterious happenings in the Bermuda Triangle. Some people belive that they are caused by activity from outer space. Others think that they are caused by some undiscovered source of energy or by some dimension of time 25 or space which is not known by man. There is no answer yet, but scientists are working hard to find one.

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda – Miami, Florida – San Juan, Puerto Rico

A. What do the following refer to?
L’them” (line 15):
2. ‘if (line 18):
3. ‘they’ (line 22):
4. ‘Others’ (line 23): Other
5. ‘one’ (line 26):
B. Mark the best choice.

1. The Bermuda Triangle is located .

a) in Bermuda

b) between Bermuda and Florida

c) in a triangle

d) near the Graveyard of the Atlantic


2. The strangest fact about the happenings in the Bermuda Triangle is .


a) that bodies have been found

c) that ships and planes have never existed

b) the lack of evidence of disaster

d) the appearance of wreckage in the area


3. Before the airplanes disappeared, .

a) odd reports about the weather were sometimes received

b) a ship was sent to look for them

c) S.O.S. messages were never sent

d) the pilots always reported that there were no problems


4. The strange white light in the area was .

a) the cause of the disappearances

b) unknown four centuries ago

c) noticed by the astronauts

d) a theory suggested by scientists


5. The disappearances .

a) are caused by people from outer space

b) take place in the unknown time dimension

c) are due to a recently discovered energy source

d) haven’t been explained by scientists yet

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of the Bermuda Triangle
About the Bermuda Triangle

Around 1975, a number of books were written about strange things which occurred in the Bermuda Triangle, a part of the Atlantic Ocean off the southeast coast of the U.S. They told the stories of planes and ships that disappeared for no understandable reason and were never  found again.

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By Priit J. Vesilind

By Priit J. Vesilind
Fresh water, life itself, has never come easy in the Middle East. The rainfall only comes in winter,- and drains quickly through the semiarid land, leaving the soil to bake and to thirst until next November. The region’s accelerating population, expanding agriculture, industrialization, and higher living standards demand more fresh water.