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Los Angeles


Los Angeles (LA) is the second largest city, in America, It’s also home to fIlm stars, sunny weather, tall buildings and heaVy traffIc.

The hotels in LA are more ‘expensive than those in many other American cities, but they are clean and safe. The Biltmore and The Omni are lovely, and close to special bus stops where you can get cheap rides to various sights.

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Travel Insurance

On their way to southern Spain last summer, George and Jean Glover stopped outside the city of Seville for a lunch-time picnic. They left their car by the road and walked down to the cool waters of a river for a very pleasant meal. When they returned to their car, they  were horrified to discover that the back window had been forced and smashed.

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Traveller’s Tales

Every year, a magazine called Executive Travel organises a competition to find the Airline of the Year. Travellers from all over the world are invited to vote for the most efficient, the most punctual, the safest and the friendliest airline. The winner in 1985 was British 5 Airways. The competition asked travellers what they expected most from an airline, and the results were as follows:

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Egyptian Pyramids

The ancient Egyptian civilization, famous for its mighty pyramids, lasted for more than 3000 years. During this time Egypt was ruled by about at least 30 dynasties, ruling families of kings or queens. The pyramids were constructed as tombs, i.e., as burial places for the  Egyptian kings and their families.

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Travel And Tourism

A report recently prepared for a large international travel service and banking company found out that travel and tourism accounted for almost $ 2 trillion of the sales in 1987, making it the largest source of employment in the world. Personal travel constituted about two thirds  of this, leaving the rest for business and government travel.

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A Rose – Red City

A rose-red city, half as old as time! These words describe the ancient, ruined city of Petra, hidden in the mountains of southern Jordan. The rose-red colour comes from the sandstone of the mountains into which caves, temples, tombs and monuments were built. Because it was surrounded by mountains, this beautiful city stayed undiscovered through the ages until the 18th century, when the archeologists found the way in.

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Holidays and Travels

More than 300 million people go abroad for their holidays each year, and most of them prefer spending less on food and clothes than on holidays. Choosing the ideal holiday is not always easy, but today there is a wide range of choice, and it is easy to find something to suit your  taste and pocket. Some people like planning their holiday independently. Others find making arrangements on their own difficult, so they prefer to book a package tour.

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