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Going for Gold



Gold was probably first found on the ground and used by prehistoric man in tool-making. In ancient times, it was made into plates, cups, vases and vessels of all kinds, and of course, jewelry. The first use of gold as money occurred in Anatolia in 670 BC, but it has always been accepted as money anywhere in the world. Sailors, for example, wore a gold earring. Continue Reading “Going for Gold”

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Gandhi Indian Restaurant


A Unique Experience in Indian Cuisine Opening night at the Gandhi Restaurant brought cries of praise and delight from customers when they tasted different samples of the unique cuisine on Monday night. Officially opened by County Councillor, Mr. Tony Peaston, the Candhi offers the discerning diner authentic Indian dishes, many available for the first time in Hampshire. The secret lies in the preparation – only authentic Indian herbs and spices are used to individually prepare each special dish, following ancient recipes, many handed down through generations of Indian chefs.

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What is Agar.io Cool Game? How to Play It?

What is agar.io Cool Game? How to  play it?

Agar.io became the last addiction of the world. This browser-based online game was published on 28 April and made hundreds of thousands of people sleepless and this occassion  is still going on. This game was generated on how far you can go with a small ball. If you start this game only just, we say that you think twice. You play “Cool Games”  everday!

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Antique Repair

Some time ago, I discovered that one of the chairs in my front hall had a broken leg. I didn’t foresee any great difficulty in getting it mended, as there are a whole lot of antique shops in Pimlico Road, which is three minutes’ walk from my flat. So, I set forth one morning  carrying the chair with me. I went into the first shop confidently expecting a friendly reception, with a kindly man saying: “What a charming chair. Yes, that’s quite a simple job. When would you want it back?” I was quite wrong.

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Videos for Kids


“We are determined to provide parents with the opportunity to choose, quality family viewing instead of the crime and murder that dominates so much of TV aimed at ‘children. Our new Children’s Television department dynamically fulfills that commitment,” says Gil  Grosvenor from National Geographic Society, whose first home-video series for children – Really Wild Animals – is geared for youngsters between the ages of five and ten.

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(In this article you will read a short information about parachuting. Parachuting is an enjoyable activity but unfortunately it doesn’t get enough valuable in these days. The number of the people who are willing to parachuting is not sufficient. Why? We will give you a short information about how to start parachuting and what to be tought at parachuting club. We believe that after reading this article about parachuting, at once you will apply on a parachuting club. Tomorrow or sooner. )

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Friends play an important part in our lives, and although we may take the fact of friendship for granted, we often don’t clearly understand how we make friends. While we get on well with a number of people, we are usually friends with only a very few – for example, the average  among students is about 6 per person. Moreover, a great many relationships come under the term ‘friendship’.

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