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Computers and Girls



 The girls in the sixth-grade class in East Palo Alto, California, all have the same access to computers as boys. That is to say, boys and girls both have computers which they can use. However, studies show that by the time girls get to high school, they use computers less than boys, and this ca)lses a technology gap.

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Automation Blogs

Automation blogs from automation blogs and how can they impact your decision making while automating your office

One of the leaders in this field in automation  has some very good experience in automation sector with having helped many people to automate their home or office with aplomb. Their blogs are high on information and you need to have a check on the Industrial automation blogs before making your workplace automated.

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Toxic Chemical Leaks

Deadly chemical leaks are much more common in the United States than most people realize. According to recent reports from the government, there are at least four serious leaks each day in the United States. The direct effects of this escape of chemicals into the 5 environment are devastating. In the last five years, because of toxic chemical leaks, at least 135 deaths have occurred, an estimated 4,700 injuries have resulted, and nearly 200,000 people have been forced from their homes.


Mark the best choice.

1. A chemical leak (line 1) is the .

a) escape of chemicals into the environment

b) preservation of chemicals in the environment

c) production of chemicals in the United States

d) consumption of chemicals in homes


2. If something is ‘devastating’ (line 5) it .

a) escapes b) forces c) destroys d) improves


3. Which of the following is not mentioned as a result of toxic chemical leaks?

a) People have died. b) People have been injured.

c) People have realized the danger. d) People have left their homes

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In recent years, computer programmers have tried to make it easy for people to use computer systems. Unfortunately, in some situations the systems are too easy to use; they don’t have enough restrictions to safeguard secret information or to prevent an unauthorized person  from using that information. Therefore, several methods have been devised to prevent computer crime.

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Better Refrigerator : The Cold Fact


One-fifth of the electricity used in the average U.S. home feeds the steel box that dominates the kitchen. America’s 110 million refrigerators tax utilities and they also release pollutants. Power plants would produce 115 billion pounds of carbon dioxide a 5year running those appliances and they would eat 77 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity – if all were 1993 models.

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