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Life in Space – 2

We haven’t conquered space. Not yet. We have sent some 20  men on camping trips to the moon, and the USA and the Soviet Union have sent people to spend restricted lives orbiting. Earth. Several trips have been made into space to show that ordinary (non- astronaut) scientists  can live and work in space – for a few days only. All these are marvellous technical and human achievements, but none of them involves living independently in space.

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Learning About Mars

– LEARNING ABOUT MARS – (by Dr. Ken Grady, 1980) –
->People have always been quite excited about details on Mars because Earth and Mars have many characteristics in common. Just like Earth, Mars turns around itself. It takes Mars twenty-four hours, thirty-seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds to complete one turn, so the day on Mars is a bit longer than ours.

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