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Space - Astronomy

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Info about the comets
The Comet

from Illustrated London News, 1985
There can be few people who have not heard of comets, but there are still a great many non-scientists who have no real idea of what a comet is. The most popular mistake is to assume that a comet streaks  across the sky and disappears in a few seconds.

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How can I travel to space?
About space travel

People have always wanted to know more about the other planets in our universe. Long ago, they found out that our earth is not flat but round, and that the moon goes round the sun. Telescopes were built to see planets far away in space better. But, of course, this was never  enough.

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Space Tourism and Shimizu Corporatio
Space Tourism Companies

Japan’s Shimizu Corporation is making plans for the day that there are regular flights into space, not by astronauts, but by tourists and sightseers. Shimizu’s space project office prepared the plan for a $28 billion space hotel with the technical guidance of Bell & Trotti of the  United States.

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Lives in Space
A Great Article About Life in Space

We haven’t conquered space. Not yet. We have sent some 20  men on camping trips to the moon, and the USA and the Soviet Union have sent people to spend restricted lives orbiting. Earth. Several trips have been made into space to show that ordinary (non- astronaut) scientists  can live and work in space – for a few days only. All these are marvellous technical and human achievements, but none of them involves living independently in space.

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A Short Article About Halley's Comet

Halley2s comet and space and astronomy
Halley's Comet and Space

A comet is an object that travels around the sun leaving a bright trail behind. For more than two thousand years, the return of Halley’s Comet has been observed and recorded on Earth every 76 years.Its 1986 visit, however, was the first time that humans took a close look at its nucleus.

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Be aware of Ozone Layer !

Ozone Layer is one of the biggest problems of the world
Struggle against the Ozone Layer

The end of the human race cannot be put before the interests of aerosol manufacturers. This important decision was reached by the top brains of twenty-four countries in Montreal this September.

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Do you think that there is a life in space?

Life in the space
Is there a life in the space?

-> Hopes of finding life on other worlds have been raised by Canadian
astronomers. Their observations of nearby stars have shown that half of
them may have planets.

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Learn more about Mars. . .

Life on Mars
Is there a lif on Mars?

– LEARNING ABOUT MARS – (by Dr. Ken Grady, 1980) –
->People have always been quite excited about details on Mars because Earth and Mars have many characteristics in common. Just like Earth, Mars turns around itself. It takes Mars twenty-four hours, thirty-seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds to complete one turn, so the day on Mars is a bit longer than ours.