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Do you know those about Egyptian Pyramids?
Egyptian Pyramids - Giza Pyramid

The ancient Egyptian civilization, famous for its mighty pyramids, lasted for more than 3000 years. During this time Egypt was ruled by about at least 30 dynasties, ruling families of kings or queens. The pyramids were constructed as tombs, i.e., as burial places for the  Egyptian kings and their families.

The erthquake predicor - hetmap
The earthquake heatmap

Can earthquakes be predicted? Scientists are working on programs to predict where and when an earthquake will occur. They hope to develop an early warning system to save lives. Scientists who do this work are called seismologists.

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What is paleogeography
Ancient geography and paleogeography

To answer questions about the ancient geography of the earth in order to make comparisons with the present day geography, it is necessary to make maps of the lands and seas that existed during past ages. This process of reconstructing ancient geography is called paleogeography (from the Greek word palaious, meaning ancient).

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An Article About Aquifers

About aquifers
How do Aquifers occur?

The water on the earth is recycled constantly in a process known as the hydrologic cycle. First, the water in the oceans evaporates. It changes into vapour and forms clouds in the sky. Water accumulates in clouds and returns to the surface of the earth in some form of  precipitation, which can be either rain, snow, or ice.

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The Ocean Floor
The Ocean Bottom

Almost three-fourths of the earth is under the ocean. Until recently, people didn’t know what the ocean bottom, or floor, was like. The ocean floor is substantially different from what we thought.

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Typhoon and Asia

Typhoons in South Asia
Typhoons and Its Damage

Typhoons destroy about 1.5% of the national product of South East Asian countries every year. Much of this damage cannot be avoided, even using the most modern technology.

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Learn about Temperate Climates

Temperate Climates
Types of Temperate Climates

There are many different types of climate in the world. This article discusses the various types of temperate climates, that is, the climates that are free from very high and very low temperatures.

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Keep away from the children !


-> The great power of tornadoes is almost unbelievable. The speed of this whirling funnel-shaped wind may be more than 800 kilometres per hour. Like a giant vacuum cleaner, it sucks up anything in its path. There are many interesting stories about the strange things that tornadoes have done in the United States.

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Have you seen any volcaone before with the naked eye?

The Volcane
The Volcanoes

-> Earthquakes and volcanoes frighten people but they also give them great pleasure. Although volcanoes are mostly beautiful mountains, thev have destroyed cities, forests and farmland throughout history. The word volcano comes from the name of the island of Vulcano, just north of Sicily.