Kids gamesis a real requirement for a child and it is very important for him in terms of physical, psychological, social and mental development. It is usually a spontaneous, sincere process and it is based on free will. 

Adults see the game as an aimless pastime which entertains child. However a game is very important work and thing to consider for a child. Three or five year old child doesn’t get enough of game. During game he forgets his hunger and relieving himself. Game is a task to finish.

Game provides child an opportunity of developing himself in terms of physical, psychological, linguistic and social capacity and thus he notices his social role and his characteristic features. During a game a child g2play  finds a chance to express himself. has many developing games.

Game teaches a child to obey the rules, take responsibility, to be respectful to other people and cooperation. Furthermore game is a good factor which helps child to develop his deciding, problem solving, being enterprise and affording danger. In addition to these during game child developes himself in terms of self confidence and self sufficiency, satisfying his social and emotional needs.

Children learn by means of games and develop different skills. Kids are interested in different games at different ages. Every game revives to satisfy different needs of children’s stages of development. Child expresses himself by means of game, learn with his experiments, finds opportunity to understand and evaluate his own skill.  Kids loves especially dinosaur games   .

To consider a game as a mean for child to spend time and entertain means that to reduce the importance of the game in child’s world. A game is a good mean to identify child and to help for their problem. Adults must know that game is a good way for children to learn and relief.

Children improves mental developments by means of things they play. At every age things they choose change according to that age needs. Children learn things’ meaning, colors and sizes with playing game to play equipment at different shapes, sizes and colors. By means of games for kids

explores his environment and life.

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