The girls in the sixth-grade class in East Palo Alto, California, all have the same access to computers as boys. That is to say, boys and girls both have computers which they can use. However, studies show that by the time girls get to high school, they use computers less than boys, and this ca)lses a technology gap.

Janice Weinman of the American Association of University Women says, “Girls tend to be less comfortable than boys with the computer. They use it more to type letters, reports, etc. rather than to find ways of dealing with problems.”
 The studies show that girls make up only a small percentage of students in computer science classes. Girls usually say that they have less computer ability than boys do. They are less confident when using computers. Besides, they use computers less often than boys outside the classroom.

Girls and Computers
Computers and GIRLS

The instructor of the computer lab in Cesar Chavez School says, “Boys are not so afraid they might do something that will harm the computer, whereas girls are afraid they might cause damage somehow.”
 Six years ago, the software company Purple Moon also noticed that girls’ computer usage was falling behind boys’. Karen Gould of Purple Moon says, “The number-one reason girls don’t like computer games is not because they’re too violent or too competitive. Girls just find them incredibly boring.”
 According to the study conducted by Purple Moon, girls want games with people similar to those around them and stories about what is going on in their own lives. Karen Gould says, “there is no real reason why girls wouldn’t want to play on a computer; it is just a content thing.”
The sponsor of the study says that  the technology gap, which separates the girls from the
boys, must be closed if women want to compete effectively with men in the job market in the 21 st century.

computers and girls ile ilgili görsel sonucu


A. What do the following refer to?
J. this (para. 1)
2. those (para. 6)
the fact that ____________ _
B. Fill in each gap using the information in the text.
According to studies, there are fewer girls in (1) _______________ _
There are different explanations for this. Girls think they have (2) ________ _
________ . Therefore, they don’t feel very (3) _________ when using
computers. In addition, they don’t use computers (4) outside the
C. Answer the following questions.
1. What is the number-one reason why girls don’t like computer games?
2. \'{ihy must girls close the technology gap between themselves and boys?

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