A few days ago I was in Cornwall, the northern suburb of Bristol. It isn’t big – about 14,000 people live there. I thought there weren’t any good restaurants in Cornwell. I thought there were only some pizza houses and a few hamburger cafes. But I was wrong.

A friend took me out to dinner last Saturday. We got off the bus at Cornwell Central, and walked down George Road to the post office. Then we turned left into a little street called West Lane, we walked a few metres, and we entered a small restaurant.

The Rajah Restaurant has six tables, and there wasn’t anyone there when we arrived. We had a wonderful Indian meal there. The Tandoori chicken was very tasty, and the curries were hot and delicious. The wine was good and cheap, the fruit salad was really exotic and the meal cost only £12 for two. Try it – but hurry. You can’t seat 14.000 people at only six tables!


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