CS:GO – Where to Buy and How To Play

You can buy CS:GO from a lot of places.

Stores: The first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is a store. You can head out to a store that has games, and buy a CS:GO for yourself. It’s that easy. Make sure that there is a CD key on the back of the CD that you buy.

Online: There are tons of ways that you can buy CS:GO online. It’s the method most people choose because it is the easier one and in some cases it saves you a lot of money too. You can purchase your game through amazon and it will be delivered to you.

You can also get your game from Steam. It’s one of the best methods of getting the game. You can get it for almost $15:00. It’s the easiest way, because you don’t even have to wait for the CD to be delivered. You just have to purchase it and download it right away. It takes just a bit of time and you’re set to go.

How Do You Play CS:GO?

Playing CS:GO is very easy.

There are two modes to start from, the Casual mode and the Competitive mode. To get to the competitive mode, you would have to get to a certain rank by playing the casual mode. Once you reach that rank, you will unlock the competitive mode. Also you can look at CS:GO guide

There is a very noticeable difference between the casual mode and the competitive mode. The casual mode is easier, it allows the players to get comfortable with the gameplay and the controls. Its difficulty is at the minimum and you get essential things from the buy store for free. Hence, once you have completed the casual mode, you are ready to go. The economic balance in the game is very important. CS:GO Eco Guide  needs to be read.

The competitive mode is a bit harder. It takes place between two teams. You have to buy everything since you don’t get anything for free here. You will be facing tougher opponents too, making the game more challenging and competitive.

But practice makes perfect, so go ahead and practice as much as you can.

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