Brazilians don ‘t like eating alone. They like eating with their friends :tnd fa mily at home or In
reSlaurants. They never have lunch at the office and they eat very late at nigh t – at about ten
o’clock. Brazilians like strong coffee in small cups at any time of the day. They make many
different fruit drinks and also very good beer. They don’t eat on the Strf:ct or on the bus, and they
never eat with their hands. They eat pizza and sandwiches with a knife “od fo rk.


The Philippines

Many Filipinos have three meals a day with £wa snacks in between. RiC( is a part of every meaL
People make desserts with it. Filipinos like eating soup, meat, vegetablc.:s and a lot of di fferent
sauces. In some parts of the country, they make wine. Filipinos usually cat with their families.
They eat with a fork and a spoon, or with their hands. It’s polite to lean: a little food on the plate
at the end of a meal.


In Finland, there are a lot of different dishes. Smoked fish and hot soups are some examples of
(hese dishes. In Finland, fast food includes pizza and sausages, and they :lre very popular. On the
streets, there are stalls and they sell sausages, Finland’s favorite food. Finnish people drink a lot
of beer. You can buy excellen t Finnish beer in every shop in the coun try. During the week, mOSt
families don’t usually have dinner together. Sometimes, a( the weekends, they eat with their
friends. They cook meals together, or each person makes and brings a part of the meal.


A. What do the following refec to?
I . They
2. it
B. Mark the following statements True (T) or False (F).
T F 1. Filipinos eat only three times a day.
T F 2. Filipinos don’t mind eating wi th their hands.
T F 3. You should never leave any food on your plate in the Philippines.
T F 4. Tn Finland, family dinners are very common during the week.
C. Complete the following sentences according to the text.
1. Pinnish people love eating ____ _______ _________ _ _
2. A popular drink in Finland is _ _ ____ ____________ __ _
D. Answer the following questions.
1. When do Brazilians have dinner?
2. \’Vhich drinks are popular in Brazil?

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