There are a number of different kinds of electric fish living in the various rivers and oceans of the world. They can generate electricity up to several hundred volts. The most powerful electric fish are the electric catfish and the electric eel.

 The electric eel lives in South America. Its special organs can generate a very powerful electric current, which is enough to light twelve light bulbs. The eel uses this electric charge to kill its prey mainly fish and frogs – and to keep its enemies away.

Electric Eel


The electric eel manufactures the electric current in its tail, where  thousands of cells are linked together and form a kind of ‘charging’ machine. The electric shock from the eel lasts only a fraction of a second. Electric eels can sometimes be nearly two meters long. As they move through the water, they send out weak electrical charges and  these create an electric field around them. These charges help them to locate their prey when some other sea animals enter the electrical field and cause a change in the current impulses.


Electric Eel - Fishes
Electric Fishes

Mark the best choice.
1. Line 15, ‘them’ refers to .

a) weak electric charges b) the electric eels c) their prey d) other sea animals


Electric Eel

2. Electric eels use their electric current to kill their prey and also .

a) the electric shock from the eel lasts only a short time b) to form a kind of ‘charging’ machine

c) fish and frogs     d) to warn or frighten their enemies


3. When some other sea animals enter the electric field of the eels, .

a) they send out weak electrical charges     b) they are killed

c) they generate electricity                          d) there is a change in the current impulses

Electric eel


Shock Valve
Electric Eel – Shock Valve


Electric Eel – Electrophorus Electricus


Eel’s shock can be up to 600 volts…

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