English Phrasal Verbs – Z –

Phrasal verbs (the first letter of which is Z)

Zero in on : Direct or focus attention on.
The police have ZEROED IN ON the man they believe to be responsible for the murder.


Zero in on : Head for, move towards.
The hurricane is ZEROING IN ON Florida.

Zero out : Cut off funding for a project.
The debt was ZEROED OUT by the department.

Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verb

Zero out : Reduce to zero, cancel, remove.
The entry was ZEROED OUT of the database.

Zip around : Move quickly.
We ZIPPED AROUND the supermarket to get the shopping done.


Zip by : Pass quickly.
The motorbike ZIPPED BY the cars stuck in the traffic jam.


Zip it : Keep quiet, say nothing.

He told me to ZIP IT, so I said nothing.

Zip up : Keep quiet.
He was being stupid in the meeting, so we told him to ZIP UP.


Zone in : Pay attention after not doing so.
I was bored at first but then ZONED IN when things started getting more interesting.


Zone in on : Pay attention after not doing so.
I ZONED IN ON what they were saying when they started gossiping.


Zone out : Not pay attention.
She ZONED OUT during the lecture because it was so boring.


Zone out : Dissociate yourself from a situation.
I put some ambient music on and ZONED OUT.


Zonk out : Fall asleep.
I ZONKED OUT during the film and missed most of it.

Zoom in : Focus more closely.
The camera ZOOMED IN to show people’s faces.


Zoom in on : Focus more closely.

The camera ZOOMED IN ON his face.


Zoom off : Go somewhere quickly.
He rushed out of the building and ZOOMED OFF in his car.


Zoom out : Focus less closely.
The camera ZOOMED OUT to show all the crowd.

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