The natural world is under violent assault from man. The seas and rivers are being poisoned by radioactive wastes, by chemical discharges  and by the dumping of dangerous toxins and raw sewage. The air we breathe is polluted by smoke and fumes from factories and motor vehicles; even the rain is poisoned.

Greenpeace - a good environment
Greenpeace – a clean environment


It’s little wonder forests and lakes are being destroyed and everywhere wildlife is disappearing. Yet, the destruction continues. Governments and industries throughout the world are intensifying  their efforts to extract the earth’s mineral riches and to plunder its living resources. The great rain-forests and the frozen continents are seriously threatened in the same way.

Despite the warnings of the scientific  community and the deep concern of millions of ordinary people, governments and industries don’t even consider changing their policies. The threat is there in spite of the fact that we can create environmentally-clean industries, harness the power of the sun, wind and  waves for our energy needs and manage the finite resources of the earth in a way that will safeguard our future and protect all the rich variety of life-forms which share this planet with us.

Greenpeace is on the world
Greenpeace is all around the world


But there is still hope. Because there is greenpeace. The forces of destruction are being challenged across the globe – and at the spearhead of this challenge is Greenpeace. Wherever the environment is in danger, Greenpeace has made a  stand. Its scientific presentations and peaceful direct actions at sea and on land have shocked governments and industries into an awareness that Greenpeace will not allow the natural world to be destroyed.

Those actions have also won the admiration and support of millions.  Now you can strengthen the thin green line; you can make your voice heard in defence of the living world by joining Greenpeace today.

Greenpeace is in Kanada
Greenpeace Kanada

A. Mark the best choice.

1. Which of these statements is not mentioned in the text?

a) Drinking water is polluted.

b) Radioactive waste poisons the sea.

c) Sewage isn’t processed.

d) Cars and factories poison the air.


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