An Augustinian monk named Gregory Mendel was the first person to make precise observations about the biological mechanism of inheritance. This happened over a hundred years ago in an Austrian monastery, where Mendel spent his leisure hours performing experiments with pea plants of different types.


Man of science: Gregory Mendel
Gregory MENDEL

He crossed them carefully and took notes about the appearance of various traits, or characteristics, in succeeding generations. From his observations, Mendel formed a set of rules, now known as the ‘Mendelian Laws of Inheritance’, which were found to apply not only to plants but to animals and human beings as well. This was the beginning of the modern science of genetics.


Mark the best choice.
1. When did Mendel perform his experiments?

a) In ancient times.

b) In the 1860’s.

c) When the modern science of genetics was introduced.

d) At the beginning of this century.


2. Mendel made observations on plants .

a) because his education was on this subject

b) for he enjoyed doing experiments in his free time

c) so that he could earn money

d) Both (a) and (c).


3. Which of the following can the ‘Mendelian Laws of Inheritance’ be applied to?

a) Plants. b) Animals. c) Human beings. d) All of the above.

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