Welcome to Harrods – a different world for a million reasons. Harrods is the largest store in Europe with goods displayed in 60 windows and 5.5 hectares of selling space. In one year over 14 million purchases are made in the 214 departments where you can buy anything from a pin to an elephant – if you can convince the manager of the Pet Department that you are a suitable elephant owner, that is!

Harrods stocks a wide and exciting range of merchandise in every department. It is because of this policy that Harrods can give the customer a choice of goods which is unique in its variety and which  no other store can match: Harrods stocks 100 different whiskies, including 57 single malts, 450 different cheeses, 8,000 dresses, 500 types of shins and 9,000 ties to go with them.

Moreover, it has a staff of 4,000, rising to 6,000 at Christmas time. Harrods has a world-wide reputation due to several reasons in  addition to those mentioned above. It offers a number of special services to its customers. These include a bank, an insurance department, a travel agency and a theatre ticket agency. Another reason is the range of exported goods. £40 million worth of goods are exported annually from Harrods and the Export Department can deal  with any customer purchase or order and will pick and send goods to any address in the world.


Recently, for example, six bread rolls were sent to New York, a handkerchief to Los Angeles, and a £5,000 chess set to Australia. It is this first-class service that has made Harrods so famous.  Harrods sells 5 million different products, not all of which are actually kept in stock in the store itself. To handle this enormous range, a new computerised warehouse is being built. It will be the largest Warehouse in Britain and the second largest in Europe and will deal with a wider range of goods than any other distribution centre in
the world.


Thanks to its modern technology, a customer will be able to order any product (for example, a dining table or a dishwasher) from any assistant in the store. The assistant will be able to check its availability immediately on a computer screen, decide with the customer on a suitable delivery date and time and then pass the order  directly to the warehouse through the computer. The time of delivery will be guaranteed to within one hour.

A. What do the following refer to?
1.’them'(line 12):
2. ‘its modern technology’ (line 30): the modern technology of
B. Mark the best choice.
1. Line 7, ‘merchandise’ is another name for . a) stores b) goods c) customers
2. Line 14, to have a ‘reputation’ is to . a) deal with customers b) be well-known c) offer special services
1. What is Harrods’ policy7
2. What kind of a change takes place at Harrods at Christmas?
3. Why is the warehouse being built?
4. Write down the stages that take place between the order and the delivery of a product


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