Heroes are not new. Every age produces its quota of individuals who distinguish themselves from other members of their community by some superior achievement. Their praise serves as an inspiration for others to follow their example.

The image of the hero is that of an individual who embodies a virtue to the highest degree. That virtue may be courage, wisdom, or faith, but it is always a personal attribute that is made evident by the hero’s achievements. The hero does not strive for recognition.

The motivation for his actions cannot be egotistical or he would not be a true hero.


Mark the best choice.

1. The most important aspect of the definition of a hero is .
a) achievement
b) wisdom
c) recognition
d) egotism
2. A hero must create a desire in others to .
a) ignore his virtues
b) think he is a new kind of man
c) follow his example
d) recognise him regardless of anything he does

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