More than 300 million people go abroad for their holidays each year, and most of them prefer spending less on food and clothes than on holidays. Choosing the ideal holiday is not always easy, but today there is a wide range of choice, and it is easy to find something to suit your  taste and pocket. Some people like planning their holiday independently. Others find making arrangements on their own difficult, so they prefer to book a package tour.

It depends on where you are going, how much money you have and whether you are travelling alone or with friends and family.

The obvious advantage of a package holiday is that it is simple to organise. You book the holiday through a travel agent, and transport and accommodation are all arranged for you. You don’t have to worry about how you will get there or where you will stay. All you have to do  is pay the bill.

If you take an independent holiday, on the other hand, you can spend a lot of time and money checking complicated timetables, chasing – looking for – cheap flights and trying to make hotel reservations in a language you can’t even speak. In addition, package holidays are often incredibly cheap. For the price of a good dress, you  can have a fifteen-day holiday in a holiday resort abroad, including accommodation, meals and air travel.

A similar independent holiday can cost you much more.


However, planning your own holiday has several advantages. You are free to choose where and when you want to go, how you want to  travel, and how long you want to stay. You can avoid the large holiday resorts which are often crowded with holidaymakers on package tours. You can eat the food of the region at reasonable prices at local restaurants instead of the international dishes that they serve in holiday resorts.

Moreover, although package holidays are usually cheap, they  are not always cheaper. If you are willing to take a little trouble, you may be able to save money by organising a foreign holiday yourself.

A. Write the meaning of each word.
1. ‘independently’ (line 6):
2. ‘accommodation’ (line 13):
3. ‘chasing’ (line 17):

B. What do the following refer to?
1. ‘their* (line 1):
2. ‘which’ (line 26):
3. ‘they’ (line 29):
C. Mark the statements as True (T) or False (F).

1. Today it is easier to choose a holiday because there are a lot of possibilities.

2. Instead of buying a new dress, you should have a fifteen-day package holiday.

3. At holiday resorts you are served local food.

4. It is possible to organise an independent holiday which is cheaper than a package one.

1. What does the choice between a package and an independent holiday depend on? (Write two things.) a) b)

2. What do you have to do when you go on a package holiday?

3. What are the disadvantages of an independent holiday? (Write two things.)

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