Within a few days of starting work, I had grasped the main principles on which the hotel was run. The thing that would astonish anyone coming for the first time into the service quarters of a hotel would be the fearful noise and disorder during the rush hours.

It is something so different from the steady work in a shop or a-factory that it looks at first sight like mere mad management. But it is really quite unavoidable and part of the whole.


Hotel work is not particularly hard, but by its nature it comes in rushes and cannot be economised. You cannot, for instance, grill a steak two hours before it is wanted; you have to wait till the last moment, by which time a mass of other work has accumulated, and then do it all together in frantic haste. The result is that at meal-times everyone is doing two men’s work, which is impossible without noise and quarrelling.

Indeed, the quarrels are a necessary part of the process, for the pace would never be kept up if everyone did not accuse everyone else of idling. It was for this reason that during the rush hours the whole staff raged and cursed like demons. A girl in the bakery, aged sixteen, used swear words that would have defeated a taxi driver. But we were not losing our heads and wasting time; we were just stimulating one another for the effort of packing four hours’ work into two hours.

What keeps a hotel going is the fact that the employees take a genuine pride in their work, beastly and silly though it is.


Mark the best choice.
1. The service quarters of a hotel differs from a shop or factory in .
a) its disorderly orderliness
b) its orderliness
c) its bad management
d) its peaceful atmosphere
2. The personnel in the service quarters of a hotel often quarrel .
a) because they are really angry with each other
b) for some workers are really lazy
c) as a result of wrong orders given by their superiors
d) in order to keep the work tempo fast
3. The author hotel work.
a) hates
b) is an outsider to
c) shows considerable sympathy towards
d) thinks it is extremely difficult to do


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