British pop stars Phil Collins and Duran Duran are to join an international campaign in London this week to stop the production of illegal tapes of the Live Aid concert for famine relief, held last July in London and Philadelphia. Members of Duran Duran told The Sunday  Times, “Producing illegal tapes of something like Live Aid is criminal.

These people are exploiting the means that should help feed starving Africans.” The illegal tapes, manufactured by several different companies in Indonesia, have become best-sellers in the Far and Middle East, making profits estimated at millions of dollars. Now IFPVP, the International Federation of Phonogram and Videogram Producers, which represents more than 600 record companies worldwide, is asking the British government to bring economic pressure on the Indonesian government to stop the illicit trade.

The packaging of the unlawful tapes is produced to a high professional standard, bearing the Live Aid logo, a guitar in the shape of Africa, and the words “For Africa famine relief.”

“Their packaging makes people believe that the money is going to Africa,” says Dave Laing of IFPVP. The federation received reports of at least 30 illegal versions of the tapes sold in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Portugal, where you can, in fact, easily get the real ones. Indonesia has not signed international copyright conventions, and the federation says no legal action can be taken against the people in that country.

“It’s big business,” says Laing. “The people who manufacture these tapes have large factories and their own relationships with the authorities.” A spokesman for the Indonesian government in London last week denied any knowledge of the tapes’ being manufactured or sold in his country although he acknowledged that production of illegal tapes in  southeast Asia in general was a major problem. “It is shameful that this is happening in our country,” he said. “And our government will take action once the facts have been determined.”


Mark the best choice.

1. Phil Collins and Duran Duran .

a) want to make a new tape for the people of Africa

b) have decided to organise an international federation

c) want to prevent the Live Aid tapes being sold illegally

d) have decided to hold another Live Aid concert in July

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