When we talk about intelligence, we do not mean the ability to get a good score on a certain kind of test, or even the ability to do well in business; these are at best only indicators of something larger, deeper, and far more important.

By intelligence we mean a style of life, a way of behaving in various situations, and particularly in new, strange, and puzzling situations. The true test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don’t know what to do.

The measure of intelligence
What is intelligence?

The intelligent person, young or old, meeting a new situation or problem, opens himself up to it; he tries to perceive everything about it.

Besides, he thinks about it instead of about himself or what it might cause to happen to him; he grapples with it boldly, imaginatively, resourcefully, and if not confidently, at least hopefully. If he fails to master it, he looks without shame or fear at his mistakes and learns what he can from them.

This is intelligence.


Mark the best choice.
1. According to the first paragraph, intelligence .
a) can be described as a rich, new and surprising life style
b) is basically the ability to cope with new or confusing situations
c) is indicated by success in school or business
d) can be measured by the amount of knowledge we have
2. We are told that intelligent people .
a) carefully consider what will happen to them in a difficult situation
b) avoid being involved in a new situation
c) successfully overcome every problem they are faced with
d) learn from their mistakes even if they fail

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