Thousands of jobs come into our Job Centres and Employment Offices every week, but they get snapped up quickly. So, although we shall do all we can to help you, it’s important for you to do all you can to help yourself. This leaflet tells you how.

Registered for work

If Once you have registered for work, we will consider you for the available jobs. You must also register for work at the Job Centre in order to claim unemployment pay. But you actually apply for pay at the local Unemployment Office

How to find a new job
Job opportunities

Getting a job Jobs that come in arc noted on cards and displayed in the office window as soon as possible. You can call in at any time to look at the jobs displayed. Half the people who find jobs through Job Centres or Employment Offices find them in this way. The receptionist is here to help you, so if you see a job that looks right for you, tell the receptionist, giving the reference number on the card.

 If you want further help with finding a job If you want more help or advice, don’t forget that’s what we’re here for. Our Employment Advisers can help you with things like: – thinking about the different sorts of jobs you could do – and which are best for you

-jobs available locally or elsewhere

– training for a new job

– your suitability fora training course, during which you get an allowance

– loans to help you look for, and move to, work in other fields.

Even though you have a clear idea of the sort of job and pay you want, you may i§ find that something different will suit || you quite well. Keep this in mind when || you’re talking with the Employment Adviser and don’t slick to one job only.

Job Centre Leaflet to Find a New Job
Job Centre Leaflet

Come into our office as often as you can  to look at the jobs on display here. Good vacancies are coming in all the time, but they do go quickly. Don’t rely on being told about them just because you’ve been registered for employment. If you can’t get to the office every day easily, come in whenever you can – and enquire by telephone as often as you like. It’ll help you to find a job faster if you keep in touch.

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