People usually regard the presence of even a single volcano in their particular geographical region as a cause of great concern, but the inhabitants of the Island of Lanzarote live in the shadows of over two hundred volcanoes, most of which now lie sleeping.

Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands belonging to Spain, is located about eighty miles off the western coast of Morocco in Africa. The inhabitants of Lanzarote are known for their courage and adaptability. Their island is an arid, treeless land, but its agricultural output is impressive. Because there is very little rain, farmers use volcanic cinder to capture and retain wetness in the earth. They even dare to plant crops in the desert sand that is a condition of their daily existence. An unusual land, Lanzarote proves man’s ability to overcome the obstacles in his natural environment.

Lanzarote Cave
New Species have been found in Lanzarote Cave

Mark the best choice.
1. What is the present condition of volcanoes on Lanzarote?

a) Most of the volcanoes present a threat to the inhabitants of the island.

b) A great many volcanoes are still erupting.

c) The presence of volcanoes makes agriculture almost impossible on the island.

d) The majority of volcanoes are inactive.

Lanzarote island
Where is Canary Islands – Spain

2. Which of the following is not true for Lanzarote or its inhabitants?

a) Lanzarote’s inhabitants are brave and flexible people.

b) Lanzarote is a dry land without trees.

c) Lanzarote is located off the southern coast of Africa.

d) Lanzarote’s inhabitants grow crops in the desert to survive.



The Lanzarote Island
Canary Islands

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