-> Laura Denison, famous singer and star of Top Twenty, was born in Bristol in 1953. Her parents originally came from Ireland. Laura’s father was a customs officer on the Bristol docks. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago.

Laura, who is an only child, grew up in the suburbs of Bristol. She started her education at a local school and then moved to a large, modern comprehensive school in another part of the city. After leaving school when she was 18, Laura went to Bristol University to study history and economics. She stayed there for three 10 years. When she was at the university, she joined a university music group, and started to sing. It was at this time that she wrote her famous song The Price of Peace’. When she finished university she joined another group and began to earn money with her performances and songs. When she was 21, she married Tony Harper, who was a student at that time. They have two children – a boy and a girl. When they got married they rented a beautiful farm house in a suburb of Bristol. They are still there but  later they decided to leave Britain and move to Los Angeles.

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