The war has been serving for the unknown people who are the enemies of the world and green environment and the public and the countries and the families and the students and the children and the animals and the equal richness of everybody and so on.

Shortly, the war attacks against us.

The more war, the more tears and the more unhappiness and the more poorness (while those unknown people get richer and richer) and the more deaths etc.


To reach the peace is so easy. Just smile and behave fairly and try to do the pest for public and society. All is that. All is well.

We should tear for the children killed in Palestina. We should  feel sad about the children killed by Hitler’s soldiers. We should cry for  the children whose father used to work for Charlie Hebdo.

Is that so difficult? Of course no. It is as easy as being a humanbeing.

Would you like your boy or son or father or mother to be killed in a war with no reason?

Would you like them to be disabled?

Or would you like them to kill another child or father becuse of a war which you haven’t decided to start?

If you make another child feel bad and cry, will you be happier?

Would you like anybody to feel better just for you are crying?

Of course no, of course no one wants.

So what?

So let’s live happily all together…

Let’s help each other whenever necessary even when unnecessary.

We should not send bombs and soldiers to Palestine or to Charlie Hebdo.

We should send flovers and chocolates and toys to Palestine and we should send pencils and papers to  Charlie Hebdo.

I f we disagree with Charlie Hebdo then we should draw some comic strips and we should send them to Charlie Hebdo. No killers no guns no bombs!

The more comfortable world  we make  for the people with whom we disagree, the more comfortable world we live in.

“There is no good war and there is no bad peace”

– (Benjamin Franklin)


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