According to a survey specially commissioned for The Sunday Times Magazine, approximately 25 per cent of the population are lonely. Elderly people, particularly those who move to a new area on retirement, may be isolated from their families and friends. Illness,  disability and fear of going out alone also combine to turn many pensioners into prisoners in their own homes.


What to Do When You Are Lonely in Marriage
What to Do When You Are Lonely in Marriage

Teenagers also find it difficult to make friends within their age group because their natural shyness and self-consciousness may make them awkward in the company of their peers and the opposite sex. Single parents feel cut  off from a couple-orientated society.

Divorce can be shattering to the self-respect. Divorced people may miss the companionship of even the most unsatisfactory marriage as, of course, do the widowed. With so many social contacts being made through work, unemployment can also lead to loneliness.



Mark the best choice.
1. Old people who may feel particularly lonely.

a) have been to prison b) have to live on low incomes

c) are not healthy enough to move around easily d) are in a position to start a new career


2. Line 9, ‘peers’ means .

a) older people b) other young people c) confident people d) experienced people


3. The widowed .

a) may miss the company of the dead partner even if their marriage was not happy

b) won’t feel as lonely as the divorced in a couple-orientated society

c) probably had the most unsatisfactory marriages and lost their self-respect

d) are different from divorced people in that they don’t need companionship

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