Maria Arroyo


 A new show of paintings opened in New York last week. The name of the artist is Maria Arroyo. People in New York don’t know her, but she is quite famous in some other countries. She grew up in Mexico.

She studied with several famous artists there. In 1995, she married Ted Diamond, a reporter for the New York Gazette. The same year, Maria and Ted moved to Brazil: Maria won a lot of important awards in Brazil, and she showed her work in Mexico and other countries.

Maria Arroyo
Maria Arroyo


Her work is very popular in these countries now.  Maria Arroyo is a .small, quiet person, but her paintings are very large. They are full of color and excitement. She says that she uses Mexican colors. In Mexico, the sky and the sea are usually very bright blue. The houses often have bright colors too: pink, yellow, or orange. In her paintings, the excitement comes partly from these colors. It also comes from her style.

She paints large forms that seem to move. Mario Anaya’s paintings aren’t like photographs. They do not show us houses, flowers, clouds or boats. Instead, her paintings show us her feelings about the world. We look forward to seeing more work from this excellent artist.

The New York Times by Sandra Woolf (That article was written in 1990’S 🙂



A. What do the following refer to?
1. there (para. 1)
2. It (para. 3)
3. They (para. 3)
B. Mark the following statements True (T) or False (F).
T F 1. Maria is a very popular artist in New York.
T F 2. Ted Diamond works for a newspaper.
T F 3. Many people in Brazil like Maria’s paintings.
T F 4. This isn’t Maria’s first show of paintings.
T F 5. The colors in Maria Anaya’S paintings are soft and pastel colors.
C. Fill in each gap with ONE word according to the text.
1. In 1995, Maria Ted Diamond, and they went to
2. The writer thinks Maria is a (n) __________ artist.

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