A large-scale campaign to alert smokers to the dangers of filling the lungs with carcinogenic smoke has been undertaken in many countries. Cigarette promotions have been banned on television in several major areas, and there has been endless discussion of how to discourage children from taking up the habit.

Nicotine and your brain
Nicotine Addiction Affects Your Brain Harmfully

Gruesome films are shown of pathetic hospital patients in the advanced stages of lung cancer. A few smokers have responded intelligently and given up, but many others have become so alarmed that instead they have been forced to light up an extra cigarette to calm their shattered nerves. In other words, although the problem is at last being dealt with, it is by no means solved. The great error of the anti-smoking campaigners is that they rarely stop and ask the basic question: why do people want to smoke in the first place?

Craving Cycle of Nicotine
Nicotine Craving Cycle

They seem to think it has something to do with drug addiction – with the habit-forming effects of nicotine. There is an element of this certainly, but it is by no means the most important factor operating. Many people do not even inhale their smoke and can be absorbing only minute amounts of the drug, so the causes of their addiction to cigarettes must be sought elsewhere.

Nicotine Addiction Cycle
The Cycle of Nicotine Addiction

The answer clearly lies in the act of oral intimacy involved in holding the object between the lips and this answer almost certainly applies as the basic explanation for the full inhalers as well. Until this aspect of smoking is properly investigated, there will be little long-term hope of eliminating it from our stressed, comfort-seeking cultures.

Last Cigarette
How your last cigarette and

Mark the best choice.
1. The purpose of the anti-smoking campaign is to .

a) ban cigarette advertisements on television

b) discourage children from starting smoking

c) show films of patients suffering from lung cancer (

d) make smokers aware of the harmful effects of smoking

Better sexual relation
Better sex

2. As a result of the campaign, .

a) there has been an increase in the number of smokers

b) some people even started to smoke more cigarettes

c) the problem of smoking has been partly solved

d) cigarette consumption has decreased dramatically


3. According to anti-smoking campaigners, people go on smoking mainly because of .

a) the feeling of comfort that cigarettes give them

b) their addiction to taking drugs

c) the habit-forming effects of nicotine

d) the psychological satisfaction of holding the cigarette between the lips


Nicotine addiction and harm
Nicotine Addiction and our health

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