Many of the scientific achievements that we take for granted today have reached far beyond the dreams of scientists and science fiction writers of just seventy-five years ago. One of the most spectacular of these scientific accomplishments was the splitting of the atom. Life  has never been the same since that event.

Einstein - Nuclear Threat
Albert EINSTEIN ‘s idea abıut the future wars

From microwave ovens to electrical power and nuclear medicine, to ships that can sail the seas for as long as twelve years without refueling, the atom provides a better life for many of the inhabitants of the earth. Yet, this same power that is used today to detect genetic disorders in unborn children  or to destroy a malignant cancer cell was the destructive force that killed over one hundred thousand people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Warning of Nuclear Threat
India warns of nuclear threat to Kashmir


The splitting of the atom, the unleashing of its terrific power, poses the greatest single threat known to humanity. We now have the power to destroy in a matter of minutes a  civilisation that has taken centuries to develop. Never before has the power for such potential good or such total destruction existed.

Hiroshima Pictures
Nuclear Threat – 70 years after Hiroshima


Mark the best choice.
1. Line 4, ‘accomplishments’ has the same meaning as .
a) dreams b) achievements c) studies d) investigations
2. is not an example of the atom providing a better life for humans.

a) Detecting genetic disorders in unborn children

b) Destroying a malignant cancer cell

c) Destroying a civilisation

d) Fueling ships

3. Which of the following is not mentioned in the text?

a) Splitting the atom was one of the greatest dreams of scientists seventy-five years ago.

b) Earlier scientists didn’t even dream of splitting the atom.

c) The splitting of the atom is the biggest danger to the human race.

d) There is no power that can create the same effects as those produced by the atom.

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