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HEROES Heroes are not new. Every age produces its quota of individuals who distinguish themselves from other members of their community by some superior achievement. Their praise...
How to raise a child

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CHILD RAISING   Marianne Hardwick was timid and unadventurous, her vitality consumed by physical activity and longing, her intelligence by indecisiveness, but this had less to do with...
The human body and the ocean

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THE OCEAN vs. THE BODY The ocean cannot be dissociated from any of our problems. Though not always given proper credit, it is nonetheless a vital...
Different animals and different brains

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BRAINS It is interesting to compare the brain of a very large dinosaur with the brain of an equally large modern mammal like the whale. The...
Ten tips to live a hundred

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HOW TO LIVE TO BE A HUNDRED For adults who remain physically childlike in old age, there has to be a sustained enthusiasm for some aspect...
Importance Of Early Experiences

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IMPORTANCE OF EARLY EXPERIENCES We are becoming increasingly self-conscious about the importance of harmonious parent-child relationships as more and more evidence is collected about the ill-effects of...
Emotional Quality

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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE The phrase emotional intelligence was coined by Yale psychologist Peter Salovey and the University of New Hampshire's John Mayer five years ago to describe qualities...
Killer Virus - Calicivirus

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ESCAPE OF A KILLER VIRUS Two years ago, on a remote island off the coast of South Australia, government scientists began testing a form of biological...
19th Century In Perspective

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THE NINETEENTH CENTURY IN PERSPECTIVE The nineteenth century brought about the greatest expansion of wealth the world had ever known. Its sources lay in the industrialisation...
Chernobyl Trouble

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CHERNOBYL One of the most disturbing predictions following the near meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on April 26, 1986, was that cancer cases would eventually...