One of the reasons the use of pesticides in farming should be severely restricted and controlled is that pesticides kill ‘good’ and ‘bad’ insects indiscriminately. You may think the more dead insects the better, but some insects are actually beneficial to farmers.

By spraying  their fields with toxic pesticides, they destroy the good with the bad. One example of a useful insect is the honeybee. In the United States, nearly 100 crops with a famı value of $1 billion annually depend on the honeybee for pollination, fertilization with pollen.


However, honeybees gather poison as they search for pollen. As a result, they are steadily being exterminated by the very people they are helping. Today, there are 20% fewer honeybee colonies in the United States than there were ten years ago. Farmers agree that honeybees are the most efficient way to pollinate their crops. Yet, with their use of pesticides, they are surely eliminating their best friends.



Mark the best choice.

1. The use of pesticides should be restricted because .

a) the more dead insects the better

b) they destroy both bad and good insects

c) they are used all over the world

d) farmers spray their fields with toxic pesticides


2. Line 10, ‘exterminated* means .

a) polluted                 b) helped                 c) fed                 d) killed
3. Line 13, ‘Yet’ means . a) Therefore b) Because c) However d) Moreover

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