Three people talk about their experiences of ‘phobias’.
The phone rang at midnight. There was a frantic voice on the other end. “I know it’s late. But it’s urgent. Please come round.”

My friend was standing miserably in the hallway of her flat, pointing towards a closed door. “It’s in there, please do something, but be careful, it’s  really large.” I opened the bathroom door carefully not knowing what to expect, and there was a peaceful little spider in her bath.


“Going up in the lift doesn’t worry me, but some of our offices have large windows and I feel as if the ground is coming up towards me, making me want to jump. I tried explaining my fear of height to another  girl in the office, but she laughed at me and told me not to be so silly. I know it’s silly but I can’t help it. I’ll do anything to avoid going into those offices -1 even stayed at home once because I didn’t want to go to a meeting in there.”



“I wasn’t at all afraid of flying at that age, but I remember that it was a very bad flight. There was lots of turbulence; even the cabin crew  were falling about. I was frightened for the whole-journey. If I look up and see a plane and think about flying, my heart starts beating faster. When I’m actually on a plane, I feel sick and physically stop myself from standing up and screaming.

The only way I can cope with it is to pretend it’s not happening to me. I sit rigid, next to the  aisle, staring at the seat in front. I can’t look out of the window. I count the number of seats – anything to avoid acknowledging the fact that I’m flying. It’s so unnatural to be thousands of metres up with all that open space around you.”

A. Write the name of the fear described by each person.

B. What do the following refer to?
1. ‘there’ (line 4):
2. ‘if (line 4):
3. ‘those offices’ (line 12): offices with
4.’all that open space around you’ (lines 22-23):
C. Mark the best choice.

1. Line 1, frantic’ probably means .

a) soft b) worried c) happy d) bored
2. The person in the second passage .

a) jumped out of the window once b) has a fear of going up in a lift

c) works in a place that has offices with large windows d) talked with a man in his office about his fear

3. When the person in the third passage is on a plane,

a) he counts the number of seats b) he watches the clouds

c) his heart starts beating fast d) he stands up and screams

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