Phrasal Versb – E

In this list you fill find the phrasal verbs – E


Ease off : Reduce pressure.
She EASED OFF the accelerator to let the car slow down.

Ease up : Relax, calm down.
She asked her teacher to EASE UP because she was feeling very stressed.

Eat away : Destroy slowly. The disease EATS the liver AWAY.
Eat in : Eat at home.
We didn’t feel like going to a restaurant so we ATE IN.

Eat into : Use something valuable when you don’t want to.
We’ve had to EAT INTO our savings since I lost my job.

Eat out : Eat in a restaurant.
We couldn’t be bothered to cook so we ATE OUT last night.

Eat up : Eat all of something.
If you don’t EAT UP your greens, you won’t get any dessert.

Eat up : Consume. This car EATS UP petrol.
Eat up :  Consume something you don’t want to be consumed.
The graphics EAT UP our bandwidththey’recosting us a fortune.

Ebb away : Disappear gradually.
His life was EBBED AWAY as the illness progressed.

Edge out : Gradually push someone or something out of their position.
The shareholders EDGED the CEO out because results were getting worse.

Edge up : Approach slowly.
She EDGED UP behind the bus at the red light.

Egg on : Encourage.
The other students EGGED him ON when he started arguing with the teacher.


Eke out : Make something like money last as long as possible.
Most students have to EKE OUT their income because they have so little money to live on.

Embark on : Start a project or venture.
Piere EMBARKED ON an MBA at Insead last autumn.

Embark upon : Start a project or venture.
Fernanda has just EMBARKED UPON a new professional challenge.


Empty out : Empty something completely.
I must EMPTY OUT the rubbish before I leave for work.


Empty out : Remove some things or everything from a container.
I EMPTIED some of the coffee OUT so I could pour more milk in.


End in : Finish a certain way. It’ll END IN tears.
End up : Become or do something unplanned.
We couldn’t get tickets for Egypt so we ENDED UP going to Turkey instead.

End up with  : Get as a result of something.
He tried hard but ENDED UP WITH a poor grade.

Enter for : Join or enter a competition.
They ENTERED FOR the national championship but weren’t good enough.

Enter into : Become involved in or accept. They ENTERED INTO an agreement with their rivals.


Eye up : Look carefully at someone.
The guy EYED the other man UP because he was behaving suspiciously.

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