Magic away : Make something disappear quickly.
He MAGICKED the bill AWAY and paid for us all before I could get my wallet out.


Make after : Chase. The police MADE AFTER the stolen car.


Make away with : Steal.
The thieves MADE AWAY WITH the painting.

Make do with : Accept something less satisfactory because there’s no alternative.
There’s no coffee, so we’ll have to MAKE DO WITH tea.


Make for : Head in a certain direction.
We MADE FOR home when it started raining.


Make for : Produce a result or situation.
The low quality of the service MADE FOR a lot of dissatisfaction.


Make into : Change something into something else.
Many churches have been MADE INTO flats in recent years.


Make it :  Arrive or get a result.
I thought you weren’t coming, so I was really pleased you MADE IT.


Make it up to : Try to compensate for doing something wrong.
He tried to MAKE IT UP TO her, but shewouldn’t speak to him.


Make of : Understand or have an opinion. What do you MAKE OF your new boss?


Make off : Leave somewhere in a hurry.
They MADE OFF when they heard the police siren.


Make off with : Steal.
Thieves MADE OFF WITH over a million dollars in the robbery.


Make out : Make a cheque payable to somebody.
Please MAKE the cheque OUT to RGM Productions Ltd.


Make out : Pretend.
He MADE OUT that he was ill so that he didn’t have to go to school.


Make out : Progress.
How are your children MAKING OUT at the new school?


Make out : Kiss and pet.
They were MAKING OUT at the party last night.


Make out : Discern a small detail.
I can just MAKE OUT the outline of a flying saucer in this photo.

Make out : Be able to see or hear something.

Can you MAKE OUT what she’s saying?


Make out : Understand someone’s nature or personality.
He’s strange; I can’t MAKE him OUT.


Make over : Change appearance.
The beauty salon gave her a MAKE OVER before the party.


Make over : Give money or possessions to someone in a legal way.
She MADE OVER her property to her children.


Make towards : Head in the direction. We MADE TOWARDS the centre.


Make up : Stop being angry with someone.
They are always arguing, but they MAKE UP again very quickly.


Make up : Put on cosmetics.
She went to the bathroom to MAKE her face UP.


Make up : Invent a story.

They MADE UP an excuse for being late.


Make up for : Compensate.
I sent her a present to try to MAKE UP FOR my appalling behaviour.


Make up to : Increase a sum received to a higher figure.
The charity collected £24,517.57, and the anonymous donor MADE the total UP TO £25,000′


Make with : Give (usually used as an imperative).

MAKE WITH the money you owe me.


Man down :  Behave without courage or conviction.
He MANNED DOWN and didn’t come with us.


Man up : Behave with courage or conviction.
She told her anonymous critics to MAN UP and speak publicly.


Mark down : Give a student a lower grade for a particular reason.
Students who gave obviously rehearsed answers were MARKED DOWN, while those who spoke naturally were rewarded accordingly.
Mark down : Reduce the price of something.
I’ll buy a lot more if you MARK them DOWN a bit.


Mark down as : Consider someone or something to be of a certain group, type, etc..
I MARKED them DOWN AS conservatives, but they’re very liberal.


Mark off : Tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with.
I MARKED OFF the items on the list as I finished them.


Mark out : Draw lines to enclose an area. They MARKED OUT the pitch.


Mark out for : Show promise for the future.
His dedication MARKED him OUT FOR great things.


Mark out from : Stand out because of certain qualities.
Her speed MARKS her OUT FROM the rest of the group.


Mark up : Increase the price of something.

They MARK the goods UP by 25% before they sell them.

English Phrasal Verbs Dictionary
English Phrasal Verbs

Marry in : Marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc.
Many religions encourage their followers to MARRY IN.


Marry out : Marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc.
Her parents disowned her and refused to speak to her when she MARRIED OUT.
Mash up : Crush something until it becomes a paste.
He MASHED UP some bananas for the dessert.


Mash up : Mix sources of audio, video or other computer sources..
She MASHED UP the songs into a single track.


Mash up : Break or damage.
He MASHED UP my MP3 player and lost my files.


Max out : Take something to the limit, reach a limit.

She MAXED OUT her credit cards.


Measure against : Evaluate or judge by comparison.
The work doesn’t look good if you MEASURE it AGAINST what our competitors have done.


Measure off : Measure something and mark the point where it ends or will be cut.
The tailor MEASURED OFF the material for my suit.


Measure off : Mark a length on something to cut it.

He MEASURED OFF a metre of the silk.


Measure out : Measure or weigh the amount needed.
He MEASURED OUT the flour for the bread.


Measure out : Weigh or measure an exact amount.
She MEASURED OUT a hundred grammes of the powder.


Measure up : Find the size of something.
The estate agent MEASURED UP all the rooms.


Measure up : Be good enough, meet the required standard.
She didn’t MEASURE UP in her probationary period, so we didn’t extend her contract.


Measure up : Be good enough.
They made her a director, but she didn’t MEASURE UP.


Measure up : Find out the size of something.

They MEASURED UP the room.


Measure up to : Be good enough or worthy of something.
I hope to MEASURE UP TO the confidence you have in me.


Meet with : Have something happen to you.
They MET WITH some problems they hadn’t anticipated.


Melt down : Heat something solid, especially metal, until it becomes liquid.
They MELTED the gold statue DOWN and turned it into gold bars.


Mess about : Not be serious, not use something properly.
The children were MESSING ABOUT with the TV remote control and broke it.


Mess about : Treat someone badly.
He is always MESSING me ABOUT and never does what he promises.


Mess about : Have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship.
He’s not faithful- he’s been MESSING ABOUT since they were married.


Mess about with : Have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship.
She’s been MESSING ABOUT WITH another guy she knows from work.


Mess about with : Try to improve something, usually making things worse.
The computer was working fine until he started MESSING ABOUT WITH it.


Mess around : Not be serious, play with something.
I was MESSING AROUND on the internet because I couldn’t be bothered to do any work.


Mess around : Treat someone badly.
She is always MESSING me AROUND and never does what she promises.
Mess around : Have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship.
She’s not faithful- she’s been MESSING ABOUT since they got married.


Mess around with : Have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship.
He’s been MESSING ABOUT WITH a woman he works with.


Mess around with : Try to improve something, usually making things worse.
The computer was working fine until they started MESSING ABOUT WITH it.


Mess over : Treat someone badly.
They MESSED her OVER when she applied for the job.


Mess up : Spoil or ruin.
They MESSED UP the discussions and the contract fell through.


Mess up : Make something untidy or dirty.
They MESSED UP the room and left stuff all over the place.


Mess up : Cause mental, physical or emotional problems.
He took a lot of LSD and it really MESSED him UP.


Mess with : Become involved in something damaging or dangerous.
He’s been MESSING WITH cocaine.


Mess with : Annoy, bother.
Don’t MESS WITH me or there will be trouble.


Mess with : Associate (negative).
He’s been MESSING WITH some dangerous people.


Mess with : Try to repair or improve, usually unsuccessfully.
She’s been MESSING WITH it for hours and it still doesn’t work.


Mete out : Give people harsh punishments or treatment.
They METED OUT savage penalties to anyone who broke the law.


Mill around : Walk around without going anywhere.
There were a lot of people MILLING AROUND waiting for the bus.


Miss out : Not do something enjoyable or rewarding.
It’ll be great; you’ll be MISSING OUT if you don’t come.


Miss out : Not include.
Make sure you don’t MISS anyone OUT when you call their names.


Miss out on : Lose a chance, fail to achieve.

Trudy MISSED OUT ON the promotion.


Mix up :  Confuse.
I always MIX those two sisters UP because they look so like each other.


Mix up : Make something lively.
The DJ MIXED UP the night with some hard techno.


Mock up : Make a model of something to show or test it.
They MOCKED UP an example to show us what they would look like.


Moggy off : Leave (‘moggie off’ is also used.).



Monkey around : Not be serious.
The police officer told the drunks to stop MONKEYING AROUND and go home quietly.


Mooch about : Spend time doing little or nothing.
I MOOCHED ABOUT the whole afternoon because I didn’t feel like working.


Mooch around : Spend time doing little or nothing.
I MOOCHED AROUND the house all day.


Mop up : Resolve a problem.

He was left to MOP UP the mess after they resigned.
Mop up : Kill or capture the last few enemy soldiers after a victory..
After the battle, it took them a couple of weeks to MOP UP the remaining rebels.


Mop up : Eat a sauce with bread to finish it.
The sauce was so delicious that I ordered some bread to MOP it UP.


Mop up : Remove a liquid that has been spilt.
I used a cloth to MOP UP the coffee I had knocked over.


Mope about : Move around being miserable.
She didn’t get the job and has been MOPING ABOUT all afternoon.


Mope around : Move around being miserable.
He’s been MOPING AROUND since his girlfriend left him.


Mount up : Increase over time.
My debts MOUNTED UP while I was at university.


Mouth off : Speak angrily about something.
I always get angry and start MOUTHING OFF when the news is on TV.


Move ahead : Make progress, often after a pause or delay.
The construction can MOVE AHEAD now that permisson has been granted.


Move along : Tell someone to move from a place.
The police told the people watching to MOVE ALONG.


Move along : Develop or progress in a reasonable or satisfactory manner.
The project’s MOVING ALONG and everything should be ready on time.


Move away : Leave the area where you have been living.
I MOVED AWAY when the factory shut down.


Move away from : Stop doing or using something to change to something different.
They’re MOVING AWAY FROM Windows and are using Linux.


Move down : Move a student to a lower level.
He was finding the course too difficult so they MOVED him DOWN.


Move in : Start living in a place.
The house was empty for ages, but some new tenants MOVED IN a few weeks ago.


Move in on : Approach, often stealthily.
As he watched, the hyenas began to MOVE IN ON the hapless wildebeest.


Move into : Start living in a place.
They MOVED INTO the house as soon as it was ready.


Move on : Change the subject or your job.
She MOVED ON to another company where the salary was considerably better.


Move on : Make people move from a place.
The police MOVED the crowd ON because they were holding up the traffic.


Move out : Leave a place you live or work in.
She’s tired of living there and is MOVING OUT.


Move out : Remove.
The president said they would MOVE the troops OUT next year.


Move out : Change lane or position to pass a vehicle.

I MOVED OUT to overtake the bus.


Move towards : Make preparations for something.
The government are MOVING TOWARDS free elections.


Move up : Move to make space.
Could you MOVE UP and let me sit down?

Move up : Move to a higher level.
They MOVED her UP to senior management.


Muddle along : Continue without a clear aim or plan.
If you’re ambitious, you cannot MUDDLE ALONG.


Muddle through : Do or achieve something without knowing what is required or having a plan.
We didn’t know what to expect and just MUDDLED THROUGH.


Muddle up : Take things that are ordered or sequenced and mess them up.
My cleaner MUDDLED UP my books and I can’t find anything.


Muddle up : Mistake a person or thing for someone or something else because they look similar.
I MUDDLE her and her sister UP.


Mug up : Study quickly, revise. I have to MUG UP before the exam.


Mug up on : Study something quickly, revise.
I need to MUG UP ON my history for the test.


Mull over : Think about an issue or problem.
She said that she’d had to MULL IT OVER before deciding what was.


Muscle in : Become involved in something when your involvement is not wanted.

We tried to exclude him of the committee, but he MUSCLED IN.

Muscle in on : Become involved in something despite opposition to your involvement.
She MUSCLED IN ON the deal even though we wanted to do it without her.


Muscle into : Become involved even though there is opposition to your involvement.
They are MUSCLING INTO our market and there is very little we can do to stop them.


Muscle out : Use power, contacts, etc, to force someone out.
They used their contacts in local government to MUSCLE the competitors OUT.

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