Naff off  : Get lost, go away (used as imperative).
He was making a fuss, so I told him to NAFF OFF.


Nag at : Repeatedly criticise someone verbally.
My boss is always NAGGING AT me about my arriving a few minutes late for work.

Nail down : Succeed in getting, achieve.
They are having trouble NAILING DOWN the contract.


Nail down : Understand fully.
I can’t NAIL DOWN what’s wrong with their idea, but I’m sure it won’t work.


Nail down : Get full information from someone.
I can’t NAIL them DOWN about when they’re going to finish the project.


Nail down : Succeed or achieve something.
I NAILED the job DOWN in the first interview.


Name after : Give someone a name to remember another person.
I was NAMED AFTER my uncle who died in the war.


Narrow down : Remove less important options to make it easier to choose.
I am not sure which university to apply to, but I have NARROWED my list DOWN to three.


Nerd out : Play safe and avoid taking a risk.
I’m going to NERD OUT and not go on the river trip.


Nerd out : Discuss something in great detail.
I had to NERD OUT when they asked about conditionals and deontic modality.


Nip off : Go somewhere quickly. I’m NIPPING OFF to get some milk.


Nip out : Go somewhere quickly.
She’ll be back in a minute- she’s just NIPPED OUT to the shops.


Nod off : Fall asleep. I NODDED OFF during the speech.

Nod through : Pass a law, regulation, etc, without considering or debating it seriously.

Parliament NODDED the bill THROUGH.


Nose about : Look for something hidden or secret.
The police are NOSING ABOUT to see if they can find anything against the gang.


Nose around : Look around for evidence.
The boss keeps NOSING AROUND our office when we are out at lunch.


Nose out : Find out, discover- usually information, secrets, etc.
He NOSED OUT their plans.


Nose out : Narrowly beat someone.
The other candidate NOSED him OUT by a few votes.


Note down : Write something short like a phone number for future reference..
She NOTED DOWN my fax number so that she could send me the documents when she got to the office.


Nut out : Find an answer to a problem.
The management and unions had a meeting to NUT things OUT.

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