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Pollution has already become an international problem. Even countries with little industry have reason to be alarmed by the appalling situation. Industries and individuals dump waste materials into rivers, oceans, and even local water supplies.

Farmers use  chemical insecticides to protect their crops, but these chemicals, which remain in the soil and water for long periods of time, also endanger many other living things. Already, many species of plant and animal life face complete destruction. Their disappearance will harm others, as the natural food supply is reduced.

Pollution and us


This chain of events may ultimately  result in a serious imbalance in nature which could endanger all living creatures, including man. Thus, all nations should make an attempt to stop pollution. At the present time, it seems more likely that man’s future will be determined by his success or failure in preserving a healthy environment than by a  worldwide famine, disease or war.


Ecology means the study of the inter-relationships of plants, animals, human beings and their environments. Environment is everything that affects the quality of your life: the air you breathe, the water you drink or swim in, your flat or house, the number of people, the traffic, the noise and streets, shops, parks, countryside, seaside, factories, farming, mining.

The different kinds of pollution are all connected. What happens to the air affects the land. What happens to the land affects the water. And what happens to the water affects the air.  Man has been polluting the earth for a very long time. At first, when the environment got dirty, people moved to a cleaner place, but the rise in population and the developing industry have changed that, and we can’t do it any more. There are new kinds of waste, such as plastics, and new chemicals which are very hard to destroy.

So, the  earth is becoming dirtier. Every year about 150,000,000 tons of dirt, sprays and gases go into the air over the USA. Air pollution damages paint and metal, makes our clothes dirty, stops the growth of plants and can also cause many diseases and death. There are two main causes of air pollution: fumes  from cars, trucks and buses, and fumes from industry.

In large cities, cars alone are responsible for about 80 per cent of the air pollution. Gasoline engines give off a gas called carbon monoxide, which has no colour or smell. This gas will make you sleepy, give you a headache and can finally kill you. Scientists say that breathing the air of New York is like smoking forty cigarettes a day.

Mark the best choice.
1. Line 13, ‘do it’ refers to .

a) pollute the earth c) move to another place which is cleaner b) develop industry d) increase the population

2. Line 22, ‘which’ refers to .

a) gasoline b) carbon monoxide c) gasoline engine d) air pollution

3. Ecology means the study of the relationship .

a) of animals to plants

b) of plants and animals to man

c) between all living things and their environment

d) of plants and animals to institutions


4. The problem with new kinds of waste and chemicals is that they .

a) are very hard to destroy c) affect industry b) are becoming dirtier d) have developed industry


5. 80% of the air pollution in big cities comes from .

a) industry and cars b) industry c) dirt, sprays and gases d) cars


6. Which of the following statements is true?

a) Fumes from cars affect the weather. b) People iq New York smoke about 40 cigarettes a day.

c) Carbon monoxide can kill people. d) There is air pollution only in large towns.

Mark the best choice.

1. Line 8, Their disappearance’ refers to the disappearance of .

a) chemical insecticides c) natural food supply b) soil and clean water d) plant and animal life

2. Chemical insecticides used by farmers .

a) are harmful for the crops

c) are dangerous for many living things

b) remain in the soil for a short time

d) protect many species of animal life


3. The balance of nature will be affected negatively by .

a) the destruction of some plants and animals

b) dangerous living things

c) the crops protected by the environment

d) many species of plant and animal life


4. Which of the following is the least likely to determine mankind’s future?

a) His success in solving the pollution problem.

b) A worldwide disaster.

c) His ability to preserve a healthy environment.

d) The attempts to stop pollution.


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